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About Hengtion

Established in 2023, Hengtion Books and Publications is the collaborative brainchild of four friends hailing from diverse regions across China. Despite their distinctive cultural backgrounds, they all share a common experience – residing in Europe. Hengtion specializes in both publishing and organizing events centered around academic content.

Hengtion firmly subscribes to the belief that an exchange of varying viewpoints can lead to a broader, more enriched understanding of our world! We envision ourselves as more than just a business; we are a ‘cultural carrier’, an incubator of innovative ideas, and a catalyst for stimulating dialogues. As an open platform, our mission is to foster a community of insightful, dynamic thinkers, challenge outdated viewpoints, amplify progressive thoughts, and celebrate the emergence of innovative ideas that offer fresh perspectives, novel ways of living, and exciting means to experience the world.

Our objective at Hengtion is to build a reliable, vibrant mechanism that encourages different cultures to interact, learn from one another, and together, discover the art of appreciating life’s finest offerings and the thrill of embracing unexplored possibilities.

We extend a warm invitation to authors, academics, professionals, and art and philosophy enthusiasts both within China and internationally, to share their unique cultural insights with us. Furthermore, Hengtion endeavors to serve as a cross-cultural conduit between China and Europe, fostering introductory events and facilitating deeper intellectual discussions.


Hengtion is dedicated to finding the most profound, captivating, creative and avant-garde ideas; we then record, compile, summarize, and disseminate these ideas. 

We are most interested in anthropology, philosophy, theatre, music and film subjects.

Hengtion is unwaveringly committed to discovering, recording, compiling, summarizing, and disseminating ideas that echo profoundness, captivate minds, inspire creativity, and break the molds of the conventional.

Our interests are deeply rooted in disciplines including anthropology, philosophy, theatre, music, and film, as we believe they are the fertile soils where the most potent ideas grow.

An innovative brand incubated by Hengtion, Senet uniquely intertwines the worlds of game studies, philosophy, archaeology and anthropology. With a mission to infuse literature and philosophy into the gaming industry, Senet aims to forge more profound, intellectually engaging video games and traditional games. Our aspiration is to create content with deep educational value, laying a robust intellectual foundation for future generations.

Events Organizer

Hengtion takes pride in being the pioneering Chinese publishing organization focused on game studies, recognizing the crucial need to stay abreast of the evolving ideas of today’s youth.

One of our fundamental objectives involves engaging in meaningful dialogues with young individuals, particularly students.

We remain committed to hosting an array of intellectual gatherings such as symposiums, academic seminars, and lectures, in partnership with regional institutions. The range of topics we cover is broad and diverse, encompassing video games, philosophy, anthropology, music, theatre, and film.

Our vision is to serve as a vital link between enterprises and academic institutions, bridging the gap between theory and practice. We aim to aid in the translation of pioneering concepts into pragmatic applications.

Endowed with robust extensibility and inclusiveness, Hengtion aspires to shatter the inherent limitations of traditional enterprises, facilitating a smoother transition for young people into society. Simultaneously, we endeavor to assist enterprises in quickly grasping emerging trends.

As a cross-cultural organization with a wide-ranging scope, Hengtion aims to harness our strong overseas connections to their fullest potential.

Furthermore, we will orchestrate events on foreign shores, fostering a strong connection between Chinese academics and Western societies. We also look forward to inviting Western academics and professionals to China for enriching intellectual and cultural exchanges.