About Us

Welcome to Hengtion – a collaborative venture stemming from the diverse backgrounds of four friends across China, united by their European living experiences. Located in the bustling heart of Guangzhou City, Hengtion embodies tradition and digital innovation, driven by a team of scholars and artists.

Within our establishment, the editorial department specializes in traditional book publications, while our game design lab pioneers cross-industry game design, infusing philosophy, art, and humanities for distinctive gameplay and narratives.

Through extensive collaboration across movies, publications, universities, and museums, our versatile team excels in immersive game development across multiple dimensions – 2D, 3D, VR, AR, and MR. We invite diverse industries to participate in crafting experimental video games, pushing the innovation boundaries.

At Hengtion, embracing diverse viewpoints enriches our understanding. We aim to transcend mere business, incubating innovative ideas, fostering discussions, and cultivating a community of insightful thinkers challenging conventional perspectives.

Our primary objective is a vibrant mechanism encouraging cultural exchange, mutual learning, and exploring uncharted possibilities. We welcome global contributions to share unique cultural insights. Hengtion serves as a conduit between China and Europe, facilitating events to promote deeper intellectual exchanges.

Explore Hengtion, where cultures converge, ideas flourish, and boundaries are pushed, unlocking new realms of creativity and exploration.