Innovative Game design and publication


Hengtion takes pride in being the pioneering Chinese publishing organization focused on game studies, recognizing the crucial need to stay abreast of the evolving ideas of today’s youth.

One of our fundamental objectives involves engaging in meaningful dialogues with young individuals, particularly university students.

We remain committed to hosting an array of intellectual gatherings such as symposiums, academic seminars, and lectures, in partnership with regional institutions. The range of topics we cover is broad and diverse, encompassing video games, philosophy, anthropology, music, theatre, and film.

Our vision is to serve as a vital link between enterprises and academic institutions, bridging the gap between theory and practice. We aim to aid in the translation of pioneering concepts into pragmatic applications.

Endowed with robust extensibility and inclusiveness, Hengtion aspires to shatter the inherent limitations of traditional enterprises, facilitating a smoother transition for young people into society. Simultaneously, we endeavor to assist enterprises in quickly grasping emerging trends.

As a cross-cultural organization with a wide-ranging scope, Hengtion aims to harness our strong overseas connections to their fullest potential.

Furthermore, we will orchestrate events on foreign shores, fostering a strong connection between Chinese academics and Western societies. We also look forward to inviting Western academics and professionals to China for enriching intellectual and cultural exchanges.