Innovative Game design and publication

Sunsetsway Creative Game Design

Hengtion is committed to innovative game development, going beyond just games and focusing on the intersection of video games and the humanities. We collaborate with movies, publications, universities, museums, and other institutions to jointly research and develop cross-border games, including various types such as 2D and 3D games, virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), and mixed reality (MR). Our team consists of creative and experienced designers, programmers, artists, and humanities scholars who work together, leveraging their expertise to develop meaningful, educational, and thought-provoking games.

Our goal is to use games to educate more people about the humanities, promote cultural dissemination, and contribute to social progress. We believe that video games are not just a form of entertainment; they can be a powerful medium for education and communication, profoundly influencing people’s thoughts and behaviors.

Our services include:

  1. Custom Game Development: We provide custom game development services for various institutions and enterprises, developing games with specific themes, stories, and educational significance based on client needs and objectives.
  2. Educational Games: The educational games we develop aim to help players learn new knowledge, improve thinking skills, and cultivate good habits through engaging gameplay.
  3. Cultural Dissemination: The games we develop help promote local or global culture, history, art, music, etc., allowing more people to understand and appreciate humanity’s cultural heritage.
  4. Museum Interactive Exhibitions: We provide interactive exhibition solutions for museums, exhibition halls, etc., using virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), and mixed reality (MR) technologies to allow visitors to understand the displayed content in a more intuitive and vivid way.
  5. Research and Consulting: We provide professional advice and solutions for academic research and corporate consulting, helping them better utilize games and related technologies to achieve their goals.

We always adhere to the values of innovation, collaboration, and responsibility, striving to contribute to society and promote the integration and development of video games with humanities, education, and culture.




  1. 定制游戏开发:我们为各种机构和企业提供定制游戏开发服务,可以根据客户的需求和目的,开发出具有特定主题、故事和教育意义的游戏。
  2. 教育游戏:我们开发的教育游戏旨在通过有趣的游戏玩法,帮助玩家学习新知识、提高思维能力、培养良好的习惯。
  3. 文化传播:我们开发的游戏可以帮助推广本地或全球的文化、历史、艺术、音乐等内容,让更多人了解和欣赏人类的文化遗产。
  4. 博物馆互动展示:我们为博物馆、展览馆等提供互动展示的解决方案,通过虚拟现实(VR)、增强现实(AR)、混合现实(MR)等技术,让观众能够更加直观、生动地了解展示的内容。
  5. 研究与咨询:我们为学术研究、企业咨询等提供专业的建议和解决方案,帮助他们更好地利用游戏和相关技术,实现目标。