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At Hengtion, our game design lab is always in motion, constantly refining our games while also venturing into experimentation. We lead cross-industry collaboration to transform art and culture into captivating video games. Teaming up with cultural and art institutions, as well as traditional publications, we weave together philosophy, diverse art forms, and humanities to craft immersive adventures for players.

Our approach thrives on diversity, recognizing that experimentation and collaboration spark innovation and growth. This mindset not only enhances our games but also drives us to explore new business models and venture into emerging markets, pushing the boundaries of our industry.

Hengtion strives to craft experiences that transcend conventional digital entertainment, deeply resonating with both players and creators alike. As part of this commitment, we have introduced an IP Incubator program specifically tailored for enterprises and organizations. This program aims to seamlessly integrate their unique narratives and values into a new art form, harnessing the transformative potential of video games.

IP Incubator Program

The IP Incubator program is tailored for established enterprises seeking to blend tradition with forward-thinking approaches. Leveraging the power of video games, we offer a transformative tool for companies looking to revitalize their image.

Unlocking the Value of Digital Assets:

  • Empowering Enterprises with the IP Incubator: Our program helps established European companies blend tradition with innovation using video games, revitalizing their brand image.
  • The Power of Intellectual Property (IP): Transforming traditional brands into enduring digital assets through captivating video game narratives ensures relevance in the digital era and fosters customer loyalty.
  • Video Games as Transformative Tools: Video games offer a versatile and efficient platform for introducing fictional character IPs, presenting quicker and more adaptable opportunities than other mediums.
  • Crafting Captivating Narratives: Creating customized video game experiences woven with compelling stories, integrating company ethos and history, forms the cornerstone of new IPs.
  • Monetization and Strategic Expansion: Successful games can be expanded across platforms for passive income, attracting investments and collaborations in film, merchandising, and beyond.
  • Planned Evolution for Financial Resilience: Leveraging digital cultural assets for diversified revenue streams strengthens financial resilience and opens avenues for strategic partnerships.

Presentation Trailer

Monselic Game – trailer

The Red Hair – Trailer

Save Nico Game – Trailer

Sample Cases

Every Move is a Nice Move – 2D Platform Jump Game

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